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Introducing Aquartia ChloroGuard – Removes Chlorine Instantly!

Introducing Aquartia ChloroGuard – Removes Chlorine Instantly! Does it really work? Find it out… Buy it now ► Subscribe ► Popular Videos ► Facebook ► Instagram ► www

publish February 12, 2020 31
সুখবর!!! সুখবর!!! সুখবর!!! (TRIPLE DHAMAKA)

Proudly brought together with Bangladesh Aqua Zone (BAZ) 234/D Elephant Road Katabon Circle (1st Floor), Dhaka Mobile: 01832222474-5 BAZ on FaceBook: BAZ on Google Maps: Subscribe ►

publish February 2, 2020 708
Road to a Thriving Planted Tank

কিভাবে ট্যাঙ্ক ব্যালেন্স করবো? কতটুকু সিওটু দিব? প্রথম দিন থেকেই কি ফার্টিলাইজার দিব? লাইট আওয়ার ক

publish February 1, 2020 954
I AM BACK!!! – Channel Update + Future Plans

In today’s video I talk about why I was away from YouTube, channel update and the future of Aquartia Subscribe ► Popular Videos ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

publish January 29, 2020 419
Aquartia Premium Fertilizers & Supplements – NOW AVAILABLE!

Aquartia Premium Macro and Micro Fertilizers, and Iron Supplement, are made with the finest lab-grade ingredients to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need. Based on Estimative Index (EI) dosing method as developed by Tom Barr. Shop Now ► shop.aquart

publish January 15, 2020 64
Best CO2 Diffusers Explained – Top 8 Diffusers for Planted Tank

In today’s video, I will go over my Top 8 BEST CO2 Diffusers and CO2 Diffusion Methods, from worst to best, for your planted tank! Subscribe ► Popular Videos ► Facebook ► Instagram ► www.insta

publish March 14, 2019 6803
Technical Discussion: Best Biological Media for your aquarium???

In today’s video, we dive deep into the science (and math) behind different types of bio media available with some general tips at the end to help when choosing between buying new media and upgrading your existing one. What is the best bio media for aqua

publish March 10, 2019 2814
MasterClass: Planted Tank 101

In today’s episode, I will discuss with you the basic concepts of a planted tank, help you understand plant biology, and many more! What is a planted tank? What do we need to know about a planted tank? What are the basics for a successful planted tank? W

publish February 28, 2019 2562
SPECIES PROFILE: All About Goldfish Keeping

In today’s video, we dive into all you need to know about goldfish keeping, with special guest Shamsun Arefin! We will share with you details about the origin of goldfish, how to keep goldfish, goldfish tank setup, requirements, goldfish feeding and gold

publish February 26, 2019 3232
SPECIES PROFILE: All About Shrimp Keeping

In today’s episode, we dive into a very in-depth discussion with the Shrimp Expert of Bangladesh, Saif Hasan, to talk about freshwater shrimp keeping, care, tank setup, feeding and breeding – An all-in-one guide to all you need to know about them!

publish February 12, 2019 2916
Common Fish Diseases: Identifying & Treatment

In today’s video, I will show you how to identify and treat some of the most common forms of aquarium fish disease, with commonly available over-the-counter medicines available at local pharmacy! Quick Links: ► Diseases Treated with Oxy/Tetracycline: @

publish February 7, 2019 4141
EP08 – My recommendations for a Budget Beginner Tank (with cost) | Basics of Fishkeeping

In the last episode of the series, I will share with you my recommendations for a budget setup for a Beginner Aquarist. Subscribe ► Popular uploads ► Facebook ► Instagram ►

publish January 31, 2019 2197

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