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My name is Salman. I am an aquarium hobbyist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. On my YouTube channel, I focus on educating and inspiring my fellow aquarium hobbyists from Bangladesh! This is a non-profit channel, and not linked to any business or for-profit organization in Bangladesh. Any opinion and/or suggestion expressed by myself on this channel are solely of my own and the viewer is advised to make a conscious decision whether or not to follow them.

I have been in the hobby since 1995. And during this 25 years experience, I have learnt a lot, both through research and also through mistakes. And whatever knowledge I have acquired from my journey, I plan to share them all with you – no secrets!

Though I have been into fishkeeping for a long time, I got introduced into the beautiful world of aquascaping in late 2015. My inspiration was James Findley, a professional Nature Aquarium Specialist and the founder of Green Machine of the United Kingdom. I studied his work extensively, along with the work of the master himself, Mr. Takashi Amano. Finally, I started work on my own Nature Aquarium in 2016 with a 4ft 75 gallon tank. I submitted my tank to IAPLC 2016 but got a very low ranking of 1911, which was the second lowest from Bangladesh that year. But instead of losing hope, I told myself that at least it was not the lowest. I started to study the works of other aquascaping gurus from around the world and worked on the same tank tediously and submitted to IAPLC again in 2017 and earned the ranking of #476, which is till date the 2nd highest ranking from Bangladesh ever. 

2018 was a very eventful year for me. I started work on a new layout on my 75G tank again. But unfortunately, my father passed away and I was not in the mood to be involved in aquascaping at all at that time. Still I did somewhat lethargically finish the tank and submit to IAPLC, but as expected, got a very low ranking. However, I also submitted the tank to the China International Aquascaping Contest, and became the first person ever to be selected from Bangladesh to be invited to attend the CIPS Live International Aquascaping Contest in Guangshou, China! I managed to get a ranking of #18 in the Live contest, where we had only 6 hours to aquascape a tank before it was judged by a panel of top aquascapers from around the world. This experience is by far the most memorable for me as an aquascaper. There I got to personally meet some of the greatest aquascapers from around the world but got to discuss personally with them about their very own tips and tricks. among them were Oliver Knott, Takayuki Fukada, Josh Sim, André Longarço, Filipe Oliveira and many more!



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